Book Review: Marketing in the Moment by Michael Tasner

If you’re familiar with technological terms such as web 2.0 and social networking sites, you probably have a good understanding of where things are at the moment in terms of online marketing. But do you know where things are going? That’s where this book takes you.

Mike Tasner gives a detailed description of the top marketing tools used together with social media sites and the techniques used to combine them together to make the best of what is available today and how to set yourself a few steps ahead of everyone else in the online marketing world. ‘Marketing in the Moment’ provides a detailed compilation of the top networking sites, the best ways to use them, the features and capacity in which they can be used, and how to keep an active online presence that will attract most attention and keep your audience captivated.

Mike Tasner refers to his tools and tips as those that prepare you for web 3.0 – the next generation of the worldwide web where the future of online marketing has already headed. Even if you happen to be someone who’s already very active online in marketing and branding, Mike provides additional resources such as some important websites to make your online marketing campaigns as effective as possible.

Recommendation: I recommend this book mainly to people who are new and unfamiliar with the use of social media to promote their products or business. If you’re someone who is not familiar with the proper use of micro-marketing on the web and reaching the exact target audience, or someone who would like a refresher course on all the possibilities and power of online marketing tools available for free, you should get a copy of this book.

Rating: 6.5/10


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