Invention of Allah 2.0 and the Bastardization of Islam

As the world mourns shooting of Malala Yousafzai in Pakistan, I wonder if the international uproar this shooting has caused will do anything to curb the silent majority of Muslims in the region in speaking out against Islamic extremism. While the uproar against Malala’s shooting is much worthy of praise, it is too little too late.

This may be the one case that has received much international attention and condemnation, there are many before Malala Yousafzai that have gone unnoticed. Only recently in Afghanistan, Taliban shot dead a woman who was suspected of having committed “adultery”, others stoned to death in cold blood, and many more that remain victims of acid attacks and whose lives are at risk every day they dare to go to school. When Malala’s news first broke out, mixed reports on the social networking sites claimed she was shot because Taliban said she promoted “secular” beliefs, others stated she was shot because she was a Marxist, and others stated she was killed because of her blog posts and the appraisal of President Obama. According to the little information found on the Internet, Malala is said to be a sympathizer of Marxist ideologies.

Malala Yousafzai speaking at a Marxist School in Pakistan.
If the Taliban shot Malala Yousafzai because of her “Marxist” beliefs, then many so-called “former communists” in Afghanistan should be very worried about their fate. Many of Afghanistan’s Marxists and Marxist sympathizers are now actively working in the current administration as political advisors, military generals, journalists, and human rights activists – while others have only been able to gain their status as far as online bloggers. In making this comparison between the extremely religious of Afghanistan that do everything for the sake of “God” and those of the extremely anti-religious of Afghanistan such as the communist remnants who capitalize on such unfortunate events such as shooting of Malala Yousafzai, I cannot help but ask myself this question: what kind of Islam are the Taliban following?

Surely there is only one Quran and only one Allah that every Muslim on this planet chooses to believe in. Where does this interpretation of Islam fit in the Islamic world and why is it accepted? Where are cries and screams – the “Muslim Rage” – of the tens of thousands of Muslims around the world, specifically in Pakistan, who only recently protested against an amateur movie that mainstream Muslims did not even care about?

This new bastardized version of Islam, if put together in a book, would constitute something no different than the communist manifesto – a new Islam that believes in followers like the Taliban and caliphates like Mullah Omar – a figure left more to imagination than there is of him in reality. In fact, this bastardization of Islam is already leading to collapse of the status of Islam as a religion and representing Islam as more of an ideology driven to subdue humanity in the most brutal manners thinkable. Thanks to the actions of the toxic minority of Muslims extremists like the Taliban, and thanks further to the silence of the larger majority of Muslims, anyone wanting to damage the religion of Islam capitalizes on such incidents.

What would Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) would do if he were alive today?

Perhaps it was false prophets like Mullah Omar that Muslims were warned about. Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) Islamic teaching contradicts the new interpretations of Islam that have been invented by Muslim extremists such as the Taliban. Knowing the atrocious nature of the bastardized Islam of the Taliban, it should come as no surprise that if Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was alive today, the Taliban would kill him. In fact, one can expect people like the Taliban to hang or stone to death, the likes of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in public. The bastardized version of Islam invented by the Taliban is so insecure that anyone knowing enough about Islam to challenge or question their false beliefs would mean that person must be immediately killed – the “God-given right” of the bastardized version of Islam that the Taliban have invented for themselves.

Shooting of Malala Yousafzai is only one of the countless incidents and efforts made by the Taliban to make sure Islam is bastardized. Other things the Taliban have done include:

  • Suicide bombing in mosques, funerals, weddings, protests, and religious gatherings
  • Bastardizing of cultural clothing such as hiding bombs under burqas and in a turban
  • Bastardizing of patriotism in hiding as Afghan soldiers
  • Using children as suicide bombers
  • Tying bombs to animals
  • Tying bombs to physically and mentally disadvantaged children
  • Blowing up graves of Afghans they did not like
  • Blowing up priceless masterpieces of art and religion like the Buddha statues

And all this happens in the name of a new version of Islam invented by the Taliban and supported by those who use Islam as a political tool for their own gains. An Islam that Muslims do not understand, an Islam that defies any logic or reason, an Islam that is bent on world domination through violence and destruction at any cost, an Islam where Allah does not exist because the Taliban themselves are the new Allah 2.0 – they have replaced the position of God with themselves – an Islam where Taliban are God and people are slaves meant to abide by the man-made rules of extreme fascism that if supported, would dwarf the horrors of the Holocaust. Watch how this clip of taliban shooting people in cold blood in a bank in Afghanistan and stoning of a couple

The Day Seventy Virgins Cried

We continuously hear that the bounty of a suicide bomber is the offering of seventy virgins by Allah 2.0.  As a Muslim, I have never heard about the concept of seventy virgins and nor have I heard any of my Muslim friends in all the years I lived and grew up in Muslim countries. This lust for an orgy with the seventy virgins is another creation of the bastardized version of Islam by the imaginary Allah 2.0.

While the male suicide bombers get off at the thought of seventy virgins, what motivates a female suicide bomber to blow herself up? Does she get the pleasure of having seventy male virgins or does she, too, get seventy female virgins? And why only seventy virgins? Why not one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand or more virgins? This is how Islam is being bastardized today.

There may not be 100,000 virgins for every suicide bomber but there is a $100,000 bounty assigned for finding the shooter of Malala Yousafzai. I would rather the money be spent to make schools (NOT Marxist schools) so that 100,000 more Malala Yousafzai’s can grow up to speak out against Islamic extremism. There are Muslim scholars that have interpreted what the Taliban refer to as “seventy virgins” merely as seventy grapes. Imagine the surprise all the suicide bombers would get in blowing themselves up in seventy pieces just to find out that the only thing in store for them is seventy grapes, not the seventy virgins they were hoping would fulfill their sexual desires with in their imaginary paradise. This very interpretation of this particular verse in the Holy Quran by the Taliban is an insult to Islam, in that they are representing (from their perspective) the paradise as we know it as a place where sexual fantasies are fulfilled and these “virgins” are a mere objects of desire and sexual exploitation.

The world is yet to see the side of the Taliban, the Muslim extremism, the “Muslim Rage” that Afghans have witnessed first hand. For example, why has the world media never shown any footage of the suicide bombers who dress up in traditional female Afghan attire? Why is the world media not showing any footage of the Taliban caught red-handed who, as much as they claim to be “pure” Muslims, do not even know what the most basic sentence of the Islamic Shahadah is? The simple statement that validates a Muslim person’s faith. Why is the world media not showing the same clips shown on Pakistani news channels where these “pure” Muslims are caught with alcohol? The very drink Islam strictly prohibits from consumption. Watch clip of a talib who does not know the basics of Islam: – I wonder which “Islam” he follows?

A taliban suicide bomber caught wearing female dress in Afghanistan.

Taliban’s theocracy did not work in Afghanistan and shooting of Malala Yousafzai is polarizing even more people against it in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. I believe western countries are unnecessarily afraid of decent practicing Muslims because of the damage done by the actions of groups like the Taliban. If anything, the most effective force in fighting against bastardization of Islam is other Muslims – those who are not afraid to use their knowledge of Islam and have the courage to challenge the existence of Allah 2.0, the interpretation of the new bastardized Islam taught in the madrassas that are the source of manufacturing and export of suicide bombers, and the validity of such a religion the Taliban call “Islam”.

The way Afghanistan witnessed a wave of Islamic awakening against communism in the past as a reaction to atrocities of the Atheist communists, one can expect another wave of uprising against the Taliban by the younger generations if Taliban continue to shoot many more Malala Yousafzais. I hope that this plague spreading around the Islamic world will one day, very soon, come to end once and for all – but I know very well that it is still a far-fetched dream for now. No matter what law or what someone’s belief may be, I still think common sense, logic and reason must prevail.


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