Earn What You’re Really Worth by Brian Tracy

Are you happy with the amount of money you are earning? Do you think you could be or should be earning more? Determining the right salary is always an ongoing struggle between an employer and an employee and knowing your market value is important in making sure you are not undervalued and underpaid. It is very common to have two people in a company with the same skills set and competencies but yet have one of them earning considerably higher than the other person.

To overcome such disparity, Brian Tracy highlights reflecting within yourself to examine your competencies and strengths and improving on areas that need attention. Much of the discussion on this book is on becoming as much of a productive person as one can be and increasing efficiency through good use of time at work and the importance of continuous learning.

Since I have read many books written by Brian Tracy, I found ‘Earn What You’re Really Worth’ quite repetitive in several of its chapters and many of the tips and techniques Brian Tracy shares in this book is the same as those in his other books like ‘Eat that Frog’ and ‘Time Power’.

Recommendation: Fresh university graduates who want to determine their value in the job market would benefit most from this book.

Rating: 5/10


2 thoughts on “Earn What You’re Really Worth by Brian Tracy

  1. Very interesting and useful information. thanks from sharing.
    Wish you always share the information or books names which you consider useful for others, Specially Afghans.


    1. You are welcome!

      Please share the information with everyone you can on social media. You can also read previous book reviews and my focus is to bring attention of young Afghans to all the knowledge that is available outside Afghanistan.

      Have a nice day.

      Shuja Rabbani


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