Negotiation Boot Camp: How to Resolve Conflict, Satisfy Customers, and Make Better Deals by Ed Brodow

Like it or not, we are all negotiators and we are always negotiating something – whether we do it consciously or unconsciously. ‘Negotiation Boot Camp’ is a quick all-in-one book that manages to put together a number of negotiation tips together with advice from the author’s own experience.

Negotiation Boot Camp

According to the author of this book, Ed Brodow, nothing is nonnegotiable and if you hear someone tell you that something is nonnegotiable, that is when the negotiation process begins. The pace at which different tips on negotiation is given in this book is very quick and at times I felt like I needed a lot more information in order to be able to understand how I would handle a particular situation.

Nevertheless, ‘Negotiation Boot Camp’ serves its purpose as a boot camp book that only skims through the wide range of scenarios one is likely to come across when doing business. As the author states, there is no doubt that those of us who have mastered the art of negotiation tend to live easier lives because we manage to get what we want out of any situation.

Recommendation: Anyone interested in a quick reading on numerous negotiation tactics.

Rating: 4/10


2 thoughts on “Negotiation Boot Camp: How to Resolve Conflict, Satisfy Customers, and Make Better Deals by Ed Brodow

  1. My concern with this concept would be… if our ultimate aim in negotiating is getting as much of what we want as we can, what if what we want is for the best? It seems to me the discipline of listen in a dialogue with a negotiating partner (even if it means sometimes losing what we want) would pay off in the long run.


    1. Most of the negotiation books I’ve come across with so far have one thing in common – in that negotiation is, in 21st century, a win-win process. The only person so far who has stated it’s a win-lose process is Donald Trump, in his book ‘Think Big and Kick Ass’.


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