Office Politics: How to thrive in a world of lying, backstabbing, and dirty tricks by Oliver James

Have you ever thought your boss seemed a little off? A little…not normal? Perhaps a little….CRAZY!? If so, you may very well be right. In his gripping book ‘Office Politics’, Oliver James says many psychopaths are not in mental hospitals, they’re actually out in the public – all around us.

Office Politics

Just like everything else, psychopaths are of different types. If you want to know what are the specific different types of psychopaths, get yourself a copy of this book today. After reading this book, I spent some time thinking about the personalities in my current and previous workplace where I thought some people are truly not normal, and I’m convinced now that if some of them actually do get examined by a psychotherapist, they would clinically considered ‘not fit to work due to mental issues’.

Oliver explains how he has personally dealt with some extremely dangerous individuals in the professional work environment. According to him, people in Senior Management levels of a corporate environment are most likely to be those psychopathic behaviour. Actually, this is not the first book I’ve read which points at senior management being one most likely to be the team of ‘clinically not normal’ people.

Recommended for: Anyone wanting to find out if their next door neighbour, colleague at work, manager, or senior managers are mentally challenged.

Rating: 7/10


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