Napoleon Hill’s Timeless Wisdom

I came across Success Magazine’s website last year and decided to sign up for a 1-year subscription. The magazine has already helped catapult my drive to achieve more, do more, and be more in life. The February 2014 issue has this section on Napoleon Hill’s masterpiece work ‘Think and Grow Rich’. I had bought a few copies of this book to give to my colleagues from the Central Bank of Afghanistan back in 2011. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to give any of them away after the tragic loss of my father and I decided to leave Afghanistan.


The interesting thing about the ocean of knowledge and information that has been passed on since Napoleon Hill first published this book is that hardly anything else is new information. There are no more ‘secrets’ left – everything has been discovered.

Uber-successful people, the mega rich and powerful, and the most influential people have been studied exhaustively over the years and most of the renowned writers on the the topic of self-development, pretty much all of them, come to the conclusion that success comes down to your habits and attitudes in life. Fortunately, both can be changed through learning process. Many authors now have their own formula to success – their very own scientifically tried and tested methods of success in the areas of sales, negotiation, leadership, and management.

If you believe you can ‘think and grow rich’, share your thoughts on what this means to you.


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