Lie Spotting by Pamela Meyer

Communication experts have always said that most of the real messages in communication comes from body language. To enhance the true meaning of body language along with the oral communication, we need to be able to find best practices of probing questions to determine whether what is being said is actually true. While I’ve read many books on lie detection and body language, this one I found to be an intensely gripping book.


Lying, according to the author, is a “cooperative work”. In other words, if you’re lied to, you have “agreed” to be lied to. Those of you who’ve been reading my book reviews regularly would have found out by now that I always tend to enjoy the scientific research done behind any claim and fortunately, Pamela Meyer doesn’t disappoint there.

Spike up your communication skills by getting insight into the world of lying by listening to 6-hours of this audio program. Better yet, here’s the TED Talk link of Pamela Meyer’s discussion on ‘How to Spot a Liar’:

Recommendation: Interrogators, Hiring Managers, Communication experts, and professional negotiators.

Rating: 8/10


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