‘The Leader Who Had No Title’ by Robin Sharma

As a previously successful lawyer, Robin Sharma has truly mastered the knowledge of leadership. Although ‘The Leader Who Had No Title’ is not Robin’s first book, it was the first one I picked up. His Style of writing is that of a story-teller, very similar to other management and leadership gurus like Ken Blanchard.

In this book, Robin tells the story of a young man whose father has just passed away and he has now taken charge of the father’s business. The father’s second-in-command takes the young man on a tour of the organization and as he is introduced from person to person, in different departments, he is taught leadership lessons along the way from each of these people. At the end of every chapter, Robin gives a summary of points to remember and lessons learned in leadership from his own experience in life as a leadership teacher.

The focus of the book revolves around the fact that you do not have to have a leadership title in order to be a leader through many general concepts. It follows along the theory that leadership is all about influence and persuasion. While in corporate world this may not necessarily be applicable but it goes without saying that people can be influential and persuasive regardless of which layer of corporate ladder they may be on.

Recommendation: For anyone looking for a book as an introduction to the subject of leadership.

Rating: 6/10

Next book review is on ‘Servant Leadership’ by James C. Hunter.


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