‘The Servant Leadership Training Course’ by James C. Hunter

Ever heard of anyone making this statement, ‘I live to serve’? This book is about living to serve others and as a result, building your influence and authority as a leader. One of the first statements the author makes is how in our world today, people “do not quit their jobs, they quit their managers” – emphasizing the importance of having good leaders in organizations as a key aspect of keeping the best talent.

The Servant Leadership Training Course

With the growing differences between Gen X-Y with the work style of baby boomers, ‘Servant Leadership’ book serves as an important reminder to business leaders in corporate world of what is important to post-millennium workforce. The Servant Leadership Model described in the book constitutes the following pillars:

  1. Will – having the intention and willingness to take action
  2. Love – extending yourself to others and meeting their legitimate needs and working for the good of people
  3. Service – willingness to make sacrifices for others
  4. Authority – the skill of willingly getting people to do your will because of your personal influence
  5. Leadership – on becoming a Servant Leader as a result of the above four points.

Recommendation: Anyone interested in the fields of management and leadership.

Rating: 8/10

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