Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose by Tony Hsieh

From the man who brought the billion-dollar online shoe store – Zappos – to the world, comes his story of success in his own words. ‘Delivering Happiness’ is read by the author, Tony Hsieh, and he makes it clear from the start of the book that he has not used any editor because he wanted the book to represent originality in its true form.

From his entrepreneurial skills as a child to his college days as a student with not enough money, the one message ‘Delivering Happiness’ delivers is that of one of the most important ingredients to success: perseverance – relentless perseverance. This is not your ideal ‘how to get rich’ book but rather the story of the journey and hardships behind the growth and success of the vision behind Zappos. Tony’s personal belief that customer satisfaction must always come first is the driving force behind the exponential growth and success of Zappos, which is now owned by


One of the success factors for Zappos that the author talks about is the team he created around himself, which mostly constituted his friends from university. As they grew up together, the corporate culture and values of Zappos become a reflection of what the founders believed in. Today, Zappos is an exemplary organization with a mission statement and set of core values second to none in the corporate world. The author goes in to great details of their hiring procedure and how they screen people to find the best fit for the Zappos corporate culture.

Recommendation: University students. Good starting point to give a reality check on the real, and cruel, world of business.

Rating: 7/10

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