Molestation of Islam: The Un-Islamic State of Jahiliyyah

WARNING TO READERS: Please DO NOT read this article if you are easily offended. Some parts of this article make strong reference to sexual themes. All opinions in this article are solely my own and do not represent any person (alive or deceased) or any institution, whether directly or indirectly, associated with in the present (or in the past or in the future). While the points made in this article are not exhaustive of my opinions on the subject matter, I do hope that it makes people of all backgrounds who take interest in these political and religious subjects, take a step back and continue to question political motivations and duplicity of both the western and the Muslim leaders. Last but not least, I encourage readers to give their take by writing comments.


As the son of an Afghan Muslim scholar who was killed by a suicide bomber, I find it hard to come in terms with the endorsement of the western media’s consistent propagation that the actions of ISIS (or ISIL or IS, or whatever other names they call themselves) is Islamic. The argument in western media seems to keep insisting that what constitutes ISIS is exactly what the doctrine of Islam is all about. Being in a Muslim country, I have not met anyone who has, in any shape or form, said anything good about ISIS. Nevertheless, most Muslims are not as vocal about it as they should be about the rise of the ISIS.

On the other hand, one can rightfully argue why Muslims should be internationally vocal in speaking against something that does not even represent them or their religion. After all, giving attention to rogue groups like this will probably give them the validation they are seeking. The immense attention on ISIS came only after the beheading of a western journalist and the reactive efforts of Muslim countries only came after the US decided to intervene, yet again, to fix an “Islamic” problem. This is similar to the attention Afghanistan and the Taliban started getting only after the 9/11 attacks when the rhetoric of the War on Terrorism began and suddenly Muslim countries had no other choice but to support the US because not doing so would mean you are siding with the terrorists and that you would be sent back to the stone age. There are two dimensions to this reunion which begs for some critical questions to be asked.


The Imperialist Muslim Countries

Anti-US groups in economically impoverished Muslim countries passionately speak of the ‘American Imperialism’ but they seem to be in denial about the imperialism of the wealthier Muslim countries, who also happen to be the closest allies of the United States and who also happen to be the very countries the US is silent on when it comes to their horrific records of human rights violations, and remains mute to their fight against democracy within their own borders. And yes, these very same oil and gas rich Muslim countries also support the likes of ISIS, such as the Taliban, in other – mainly poorer and politically fragile – Muslim countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan.

  • So why the double standards and hypocrisy of the United States?
  • Why the silence of Muslim leaders when it comes to the horrors of extremism in underdeveloped Muslim countries? Why is it that this type of brutal interpretation of Islam only seems to applicable to countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria?
  • Does this mean that if I come from a country rich with natural resources, I can be assured that my country will be one of the best allies of US and enjoy comfort and relative freedom as long as we continue to agree with everything the US commands? And all my crimes against humanity will be forgiven and forgotten?
  • But if I come from a poor country like Afghanistan and dare I disagree with the US, I can expect the purity of Islam to reach my soul through brutal Islamic regimes like the Taliban, and then expect to gain my freedom and democracy by the bombs dropped from drones?
  • Why is the US willing to negotiate with sister groups of ISIS like the Taliban in Afghanistan but not extend diplomacy in Syria and Iraq? Moreover, why call them “rebels” in Syria and “terrorists” in Iraq?
  • How do groups like the Taliban and ISIS suddenly pop up with enormous financial backing, military capabilities and training?

These are the questions that come to my mind when my country, Afghanistan (and others crippled by wars or by the actions of weak leaders promoting corrupt systems), have to live thorough the Islam of groups like ISIS. For the rich Muslim countries that publicly remain silent, and privately fund these militant groups (and the US knows about them very well) terrorizing impoverished Muslim countries, they seem to be content as long as the horror of groups like ISIS and the Taliban are further away and remain in countries like Afghanistan/Pakistan. It defies logic to see these so-called Muslims spreading the “pure” Islam in poorer Muslim countries which, in practice, are actually more religiously observant than the resource-rich wealthy Muslim countries that have adapted the western lifestyle as their own and – in many cases – to the point where they have lost their own culture in the process. Someone has to ask: how come the Islam of these militants does not reach the borders of the rich Muslim countries which, by their definition of Islam, need it the most?

Large number of people in Pakistan and Afghanistan would argue that the flawed western foreign policies are partly to blame for the rise of militant Islam in their countries. As long as western countries continue to drop bombs on poverty-stricken Muslim countries as part of their Operation Infinity of War on Terrorism, new flags of Muslim extremism will continue to rise under different names in politically disputed remote geographic regions where, by default, lawlessness is the law. But the question of where these extremist groups originate from is still debatable. In the end, it is the underprivileged Muslim countries that end up suffering. Tribal and ethnic politics takes over and leads to atrocities against minority groups, religious sectarianism becomes the norm, and to top it off, they continue to get funding from rich Muslim countries – this is Muslim imperialism in practice.

For example, Taliban being a failed project that went out of control of its creators was recognized by some of the richest Muslim countries as the Official Government of Afghanistan. Yet, these very same Muslim countries have societies where alcohol is sold and consumed in plenty by their own citizens, prostitution is rampant, and nightclubs are part of their youth’s lifestyle – so how come these Muslim countries choose not to implement the ISIS/Taliban style of Islam in their own borders? It seems like these imperialist Muslim countries that exercise their tyrannical power through proxy groups in other, politically unstable and economically weak, Muslim countries actually do believe in different types of Islam – one that applies only to them and another that applies to those they want destroyed. Hand-in-hand with the totalitarianism of western democracy throughout the world, they bring to the helpless Muslim nations installations of governments that provide a mirage of freedom to their people.

Muslim hypocrites around the world who come out screaming to the streets when senseless anti-Islamic cartoons are given attention in hoards of hundreds of thousands of people and yet stay silent when their religion is being perverted by militants like ISIS under the name of Islam, they too are responsible in silently feeding the greater agenda of these terrorists.

Protesters Burning the ISIS Flag - Source: Internet
Protesters Burning the ISIS Flag – Source: Internet

The Western Terrorism and Political Pussyfooting

In the case of ISIS in particular, there have been many reports in the international media of young Muslims (some born, some converts) joining ISIS from the US, Australia, UK and other European countries. If, according to the western rhetoric that Muslim countries do not do enough to stop or renounce terrorism, then how come with all the precautions that the western countries have been taking since 9/11, the large number of reports about ISIS consistently indicate that many of their fighters are coming in from the west? Can Iraqis and Syrians then not argue that this is western terrorism? Or perhaps the west still insists this is ‘Islamic terrorism’ and has nothing to do with the west.

It amazes me every time when a Muslim citizen of the west does something wrong, the entire focus shamelessly becomes that of his faith but if that very same citizen was to become a global champion in a particular field, the focus becomes his nationality of being western. Muslims around the world have become far too familiar with these orientalist media tactics since 9/11 and perhaps it is time for the west to examine what is wrong within their own societies just as the Muslim world is light years overdue in confronting the demons within. If the Muslim world is the manufacturer of the world’s terrorism according to the west, then what went wrong in the west that triggered such die-hard loyalty within the western society of these young Muslims joining ISIS and their brutal brand of Islam that most Muslims don’t even recognize? Not to mention the many reports where the Iraqi and Syrian victims of ISIS have said they didn’t recognize the language of ISIS fighters. Other reports by Arabic speakers say that some the ISIS fighters speak with a broken Arabic accent.

 As long as western countries continue to drop bombs on poverty-stricken Muslim countries as part of their Operation Infinity of War on Terrorism, new flags of Muslim extremism will continue to rise under different names in politically disputed remote geographic regions where, by default, lawlessness is the law.

Sexual Jihad: Perverting the Religion of Islam, the Sanctity of Sex, and the Essence of Jihad

Odd reporting done on the movement of Muslim women to “fulfill their religious duties” in reducing themselves to their vaginas and offering themselves for sex to ISIS fighters is yet another tablespoon of salt on the wounds of Islam in the 21st century. It was bad enough that Islam has been equated with terrorism after 9/11 attacks by western media, top it up with all excuses such deranged Muslims have been giving them to bank on more negative publicity and you get one ugly free-for-all hate mongering campaigns led by racist think-tanks, policy makers, and media personnel just waiting for the slight smell of blood so they can come for the attack.

Pimping of Islam by these lonesome heretics of ISIS is feeding the lust of those perverts from the Arab world that have been travelling to Syrian refugee camps and preying on young girls for sex. Not to mention the women of minority groups in Iraq (Yazidis and Kurds mainly) who’ve now been forced in to sexual slavery in the name of Islam. If that’s not enough, then we have extremist feminist groups like FEMEN that defecate on the ISIS flag and in the process, the declaration of Islam that is – unfortunately – imprinted on their flag. To battle the lonesome heretics of ISIS, the Netherlands and Germany have given the green light to their violent biker gangs to go to Middle East and fight against ISIS.

For a rational thinking person, this disgustingly organized orgy of crimes against the humanity in Islam could not have come together in an organic manner. I’ve always wondered, how is it that so many individuals well-trained in military operations, grossly well-funded (whether by oil and gas rich billionaire donors or through illegal channels of drug and oil exploitation) suddenly blossom in politically unstable Muslim countries, end up committing genocide against other Muslims (ethnic and religious minorities mainly), always end up in a big rescue by the heroic west.

What are your thoughts? Comment below.

ISIS Flag 02



2 thoughts on “Molestation of Islam: The Un-Islamic State of Jahiliyyah

  1. Shuja well written and well thought through. Thanks for shining light on the misleading propaganda of the west and that illiterate muslims have become the flag bearers of Islam.


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