14 Years of Music Production and I’m Finally Making Money!

Enough with the boring traditional musical instruments, it’s time for Afghan musicians to take their competition to the international stage and make their mark in the world charts.

Fourteen years ago, just out of high school in my Freshman year in university, I came across a music production software from one of the computer software CD’s my mother had purchased randomly for me. After keeping it as a hobby for the past fourteen years, I’m finally taking things to another level – music production is no more just a hobby. I’m now pushing to make music production a secondary source of income on top of my full-time job. We live in a world where having just one full-time job isn’t enough to make a comfortable living. The way for one generation to prosper financially over the previous one is to make sure every available resource within our reach is tapped to its maximum potential. Just like everyone else, I’m doing my part to not only survive but thrive in a tough, competitive world.

We live in a world where having just one full-time job alone isn’t enough.

I’ve been working on this album throughout 2014 and the goal of it is not just to make money, but also to get the word out about an Afghan music producer who’s released an entirely Electronic Dance Music album that is available worldwide. I hope that with the release of this album, and many more to come in future, I reshape the music industry in Afghanistan.

The image below is the official album cover for my debut LP ‘Afghan Provocateur’. It will be available for pre-order starting 1st of January 2015 in more than 200 online music stores accessible in over 100 countries. For those of you interested to follow the latest updates on the album, just follow the hashtag #RabbaniRecords on Twitter and Facebook.


Watch the official trailer that’s being used to promote ‘Afghan Provocateur’ in fifteen countries around the globe on YouTube:

Watch this space for updates on track-listing and the idea behind the naming of every track. For more info, log on to www.shujarabbani.com


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