In the countdown leading up to the launch of my second full album (LP) Alpha Male released under my record label Rabbani Records on Beatport, these are the original images used in full size to drip feed information on social media. The images are all stills from the HD video clips used in the original trailer to promote Alpha Male.

Keep using the hashtag #EDMA to follow my music across mainstream social media channels online. It’s a small step towards taking the music industry of Afghanistan to the next level.

Courtesy of #RabbaniRecords

Direct Link to Alpha Male on iTunes: Click Here

Golden-Egg-13 Golden-Egg-12 Golden-Egg-11-CRACKED Golden-Egg-10 Golden-Egg-09 Golden-Egg-08 Golden-Egg-07 Golden-Egg-06 Golden-Egg-05 Golden-Egg-04 Golden-Egg-03 Golden-Egg-02 Golden-Egg-01 Capture 12 Capture 11 Capture 10 Capture 09 Capture 04 Capture 03 Capture 02


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