EDMA in Thailand: Bringing a Piece of Afghanistan to the Land of Buddha

In March 2001, Taliban destroyed the historic Buddha statues in the beautiful province of Bamiyan in Afghanistan. Taliban may have taken the Buddha statues away from Afghanistan but a few weeks ago when I was in Thailand, I made sure I induct a piece of Afghanistan to be part of the giant white Buddha in Phuket forever.

The foundation structure of the giant white Buddha, which sits on top of a mountain, is still being constructed and visitors can buy a tile and put their names or write a message on it. The tile would then be put as part of the pillars holding the giant Buddha.

My message on the white tile that will be part of the giant white Buddha: Praying For Peace in Afghanistan. #EDMA, Shuja Rabbani


The latest #RabbaniRetreats webisode from my recent Thailand trip will be out on my YouTube channel soon. In the meantime, take a look at some of the pictures from the trip a few weeks ago.


DSC_0259 (2)
The aerial view of the Buddha and my ‘message on a tile’.
DSC_0256 (2)
I’m not the only one, but I’m pretty sure I was the only one from Afghanistan with a message on the white marble tiles.
DSC_0254 (2)
Here’s a close-up shot.
DSC_0253 (2)
I can see love messages and others from France, Vietnam, and other Asian countries.
DSC_0240 (2)
I don’t think I could pose like that.
DSC_0300 (2)
Yes, the sky actually was a perfect blue sky.
DSC_0347 (2)
This golden Buddha is located on the left side, behind the giant white Buddha in Phuket, Thailand.



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