The Taliban Boy Toy and Fake News

When it comes to fake news, it looks like some Afghans have mastered the art of ‘fake it till you make it’ to a whole new level. Spreading rumors on social media can and normally does manipulate perceptions depending on how much of the internet ecosystem is populated with a particular lie or fake news. A great example of this in Afghanistan was the 2014 elections where Ashraf Ghani’s communications team created dozens of fake twitter accounts tweeting in his support to manipulate international public perception in Ghani’s favor as a ‘world thinker’ who is the future of a new Afghanistan.

Fast-forward to 2017 and we have an Afghanistan which is more of a failed state than it has ever been before and Ghani’s own team of propagandists are getting a taste of their own medicine by getting caught red-handed with their lies. As the #AfghanAwakening sit-in protests have been progressing to its second week in Kabul to demand justice for the victims of Kabul bombings, accountability from the government and restoration of democratic rights of civil activists, one of the Afghan embassy staff in Washington DC who has been dubbed as the ‘boy toy’ of the Taliban due to his alleged links to the Taliban – Majeed Qarar – received a lot of heat on social media yesterday after he tweeted this:

Fake news at its worst attempt.

It turned out, the image was stolen from another twitter user, see the original tweet below:

What more can one expect from an embassy official in Washington DC when our own Ambassador in Washington DC was the chief propagandist for Ashraf Ghani?

If that wasn’t enough, twitter users started exposing another side of Majeed Qarar that the rest of us may not have been aware of yet. One twitter user tweeted an image which, although not verified, speaks a lot about Majeed’s actions online:

More entertainment followed:

Majeed Qarar – known for his extremism and hate-mongering on social media.

Given his extremist views on unconditional support of militant terrorist organizations like the Taliban, it’s not surprising to see him holding a Kalashnikov in the image below where his Taliban (boy)friend holding a walkie-talkie is intimately gazing at him.

I guess if we do enough background checks on Ashraf Ghani’s cherry-picked staff in Washington DC, one should not be surprised if we end up finding photos of them with a suicide vest on also.

For more information go to:

Official Shuja Rabbani Website:

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