Why BBC Should Consider Firing These Employees

While it is not worth my time writing about journalists who do not seem to know how to perform their jobs by sticking to the ethical guidelines set by their employers, this short blog was a necessary reminder of Afghanistan’s deep rooted problems in my recent blog about Afghanistan’s ‘Zionist syndrome’.

As the ‘Afghan Awakening’ sit-in protest approaches its third week in Kabul to push the nationalist government of Ashraf Ghani to bring to justice the culprits of Kabul’s worst bombing since 9/11 and the killing of unarmed civilian protesters by the government, Afghanistan’s social media is witnessing new depths of moral bankruptcy among journalists who are blatantly showing their support for the Taliban or whitewashing the corrupt practices of the Ghani administration.

Strike 1

Have a look at the tweet below by BBC Pashto’s journalist Sana Safi who seems to be so intellectually impoverished that for her, the plight of protesters for justice is only exchangeable with “warlords” – a reference to anti-communist leaders from Northern parts of Afghanistan that is predominantly made by Pashtun Afghans.

Sana Safi Tweet
Next time, BBC Pashto journalist Sana Safi may need to bite her tongue hard until it bleeds before sending out a tweet like this.

Too bad for Sana Safi, she may not have realized that once you post something on the internet, it stays there ETERNALLY! This tweet is a demon that will haunt her career as she remains a D-list journalist.

Sana Safi

Here’s a reminder to her to read the BBC guidelines.

Strike 2

Going up a notch, here’s a BBC Pashto producer who is siding with the nationalist, anti-pluralist government of Ashraf Ghani that’s been busy killing unarmed civilian protesters and more recently, reported to have been randomly arresting protesters:

Strike 3

While not a BBC journalist, here’s one from The Daily Beast proudly speaking of how his 20,000 Taliban brothers “kicked-out” the likes of the protesters to Tajikistan. After getting a good bashing from many Afghan twitter users online, he deleted this tweet.

Sami Yousafzai

So here’s some food for thought: can you guess what the common denominator for all the above Twitter handlers is? I’ll leave it to the readers’ imagination.

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