Lip Service: EDM and World Sounds That Will Make You Dance

My latest album ‘Lip Service’ is out today! You can download or stream it on iTunes,  Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Tidal, and Beatport

Here’s the the album cover which I designed myself. What do you think? Cool, eh? 🙂

YouTube Background PNG

It took me about six months to finish working on the sounds of this album and about another six months to put all the tracks together. If you love ethnic sounds, you’ll love the work in this album. I’ve mixed Indian, Turkish, Arab, and Caribbean sounds with electronic beats.

While the theme is still electronic, those who’ve been following my music will immediately pick up the difference in this album.

A lot of hard work, time and effort has gone into making this – hope you’ll enjoy listening to it as much I did in making it.

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Here’s another image you’re likely to see me posting on social media:


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