Ashraf Ghani’s Taliban Offer: Afghanistan’s Peace Deal or a Submission to Terror

What comes to mind when you think of a peace conference in Afghanistan? If there’s one thing that Afghanistan didn’t expect during the peace conference that was held in Kabul last Wednesday, it was the way our nationalist president Ashraf Ghani offered the nation’s future to the hands of the Taliban terrorist group. Especially when a large population of Afghanistan still remembers the terror Taliban brought in to the country by the sole virtue of their ideological beliefs and practices that the likes of Donald Trump would call, ‘radical Islamic terrorism’.

Ever since his selection as the western-sponsored President of Afghanistan by the Obama administration, Ashraf Ghani has proved himself time and again to be monopolizing power to his internal circle of national Pashtunist Afghans – most of whom (the older ones mainly) are either the communist leftovers of the 1970s and 1980s Afghanistan while the younger ones are those raised in Pakistan who, ironically, are also the most vicious anti-Pakistan cheerleaders.

This recognition [of Taliban] is not only an attempt to undo all the progress of the past sixteen years but also an insult to the pain and suffering of the sonless mothers and widowed wives of Afghan soldiers…

In my previous blogs on Afghanistan, I’ve emphasized on the Pashtun agenda predominantly being about making sure that Pashtuns of Afghanistan continue to keep the stranglehold on power and political dominance at all costs, it comes to me as no surprise to see that after previous Pashtun leadership of Hamid Karzai made all kinds of concessions for a failed Taliban peace deal, we now have another nationalist Pashtun leader Ashraf Ghani who has gone as far as recognizing the Taliban as an official political group.

‘Review of the Afghan Constitution and No Preconditions’

This recognition is not only an attempt to undo all the progress of the past sixteen years but also an insult to the pain and suffering of the sonless mothers and widowed wives of Afghan soldiers who’ve been mercilessly killed in the field while fighting the Taliban terrorists and while they prayed in the mosques. The innermost core agenda of this attempt of a Taliban revival by the nationalist Pashtuns of Afghanistan is to use the threat of their Taliban brethren to undermine the growing voices of opposition and dissent.

If this deal doesn’t work out, what will he [Ashraf Ghani] do next? Offer his wife and daughter to the Taliban?

When the topic of Pashtun support for Taliban terrorists is discussed on social media, many Afghan Pashtuns are quick to say it’s the Pashtuns themselves who’ve suffered the most because of the Taliban. As incorrect and misleading as this victimhood mentality is, now is the best opportunity for such Pashtun Afghans to stand up for everyone else in their country and remind everyone how much ‘they’ have suffered and how much they are likely to ‘suffer’ in future should the Taliban be recognized as a legitimate political group in the country. Let’s not forget that before ISIS/Daesh did anything in Syria and Iraq that the world became aware, Taliban did everything in Afghanistan – blowing themselves up in mosques, beheadings, public hangings, stoning people to death, ethnic cleansing of Hazaras, and subjugation of other religious sects and ethnicities of Afghanistan. In fact, much of this is still happening right under the so-called democratic leadership of Ashraf Ghani.

Here’s a reminder of life under the Taliban brothers of Ashraf Ghani:

One would have to wonder how desperate has the Afghan president become in trying to assert the Pashtun dominance of Afghanistan to go this far. If this deal doesn’t work out, what will he do next? Offer his wife and daughter to the Taliban? The oppressed majority of Afghanistan’s youth who are jobless and increasingly becoming hopeless about their future will never forget the sacrifices others have given for us to reach this far and peace with Taliban does not mean peace in Afghanistan. If anything, this is just an attempt for nationalist Pashtuns to court their disgruntled brothers of a terror squad to rise against the rest of Afghanistan.


Ashraf Ghani has already pushed Afghanistan to be psychologically separated along the ethnic lines and at this rate, he will push us to the verge of a geographic separation too. The seeds of hatred that he and his supporters have sown in Afghanistan will come to a disastrous fruition in decades to come. It’s no wonder that some citizens of Afghanistan have already started using the hashtag #IamNotAfghan as a sign of protest against Pashtun identity dominance over the rest of the country.

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